Lowe Furniture

After graduating from formal training in furniture design and production in 1999, Andrew Lowe established his design studio and production workshop, Lowe Furniture. Now a team of highly skilled artisan furniture designers and makers, Lowe Furniture produces original and bespoke pieces for the discerning consumer and for leading architects and interior designers.

Prior to establishing his studio and workshop, Andrew spent 11 years honing his timber knowledge and skills at Mathews Timber. With an incredibly astute eye and a very rare capacity to read a piece of raw timber, Andrew continues to hand select each piece used in all production, often taking days to sort through packs, discarding pieces that do not meet his high standards of structure and colour.


Lowe Furniture produces pieces for private homes, boardrooms and public and private spaces throughout Australia and abroad. Core competency in timber production can be seen in the diverse range of output from home accessories to highly engineered design solutions across whole project fit-outs. Lowe Furniture’s work is arguably superior to anything else in the market.

Five of Lowe’s designs - Heta, Atticus, Sterling, Marley and Henry - are GECA certified, meaning Lowe can offer solutions into the highest rating Green Star projects. With an ability to deliver original design and meet custom specifications, Lowe Furniture are highly sought after by leading architects and interior designers to help bring their visions to life.